Free March 2020 Printable Calendar Template in PDF, Excel, Word

March, which is the third month of the year and is known for the starting of summer. As per the both Julian and Gregorian calendar 2020 March is known as the third month of the year and has in total 31 days. In the northern hemisphere, the first day of March is known as the meteorological beginning of the spring season. As March brings the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, it also comes up with the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere.

The history behind the origin of March

March 2020 Calendar Template

March 2020 Calendar Template

As all months has arrived from the Roman calendar similarly March is also one of them. As per the Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year. The name of March is after Mars who is known as the Roman god of war. In the ancient Roman era when the month of March arrives all wars were got stopped and the whole month was celebrated as a new year beginning.

2020 March Printable Calendar

2020 March Printable Calendar

This term has arrived from the Latin word Martius which means the beginning of the season and the activities become closer. Till around late 153 BC, Martius was known as the first month of the calendar and there were lots of festivals including the new year eve which were celebrated in the first half of March.

Different names of March

2020 March Blank Calendar

March 2020 Blank Calendar

March is one of the beautiful seasons which brings spring with it and blossom beautiful flowers, new leaves on the trees and spread greenery everywhere. As now this third month is named as March but there are lots of different other names also which are there available for this month. In Finnish March is known as the maaliskuu and it is said to be from the maallinen kuu origin.

In Ukraine, this month is known as the brazen which means birch tree and the historical name of March is after the March equinox which is Saxon Lentmonat. While in the Slovene, the ancient name of March is used which means earth becomes dry and suitable for cultivation. There are also lots of other names present for the month of March.

Five Fun Facts About The Month of March

March Calendar PDF 2020

March Calendar PDF 2020

According to the Gregorian calendar, the month of March comes up after the rush of the new year celebration. As a lot of time has been passed and mid of the year is about to come so it is the right time to give preference for your goals. So, keep yourself busy with the work and complete everything on time without any delay. Now, we are going to provide you with 5 facts about this great month.

2020 March Portrait Calendar Blank

March 2020 Portrait Calendar

1. For the Romans in ancient, time the first March was celebrated as the New Year’s Day. The period before 150 BC, the people were only aware of the 10 months that were from March to December.

2. The month of March is not only limited to the suspicion here, but it is also having two attached birthstones with it which are known as aquamarine and bloodstone. These both stones are known to enhance and preserve the water health.

3. March 14 is also known as the Pi Day, all mathematicians celebrate this day as the occurrence of the value of Pi 3/14 and this occasion is celebrated by the baking of pie.

4. On 17th March the St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, for lots of years, it was a tradition to wear green color even though the favorite color of Saint was blue.

5. Founder Jack Dorsey introduced 21 March as the anniversary of the first tweet. It is also read out as the ‘just setting up my Twttr’.

Holidays in March

Free March 2020 Landscape Calendar

March 2020 Landscape Calendar

March is the season which brings up the promise of keeping gardening and warmer days as it is the time when Earth turns from winter towards spring. You are going to get different days and holidays in this month when you can enjoy and celebrate. Let us have a look over the coming holidays this month.

* On 8th March: International Women’s Day

This day is celebrated as the Women’s day in all over the world.

* This year we are going to get two beautiful full moon nights in the month of March where first will be known as the Full Worm Moon and second as the Full Sap Moon.

* On 11th March: Daylight Saving Time

At 2 am on this day you should set your clock as it is the beginning of daylight saving time.

* On 17th March: St. Patrick’s Day

This day is going to fall on Saturday which is already a weekend.

* On 15th March: Ides of March

From a long time, this day is known as the ill-fated day so you should also keep calm and be aware.

2020 March Calendar With Holiday

2020 March Calendar With Holiday

So, this was the entire list of coming occasions and festivals in the month March when you may or may not get holidays. But if you get enough free time then you should definitely spend it with your partner, love one or family as it will make your bond stronger and bring close to each other. Holidays are the time when you can get complete rest and do a lot of things which you want to.

March Excel Calendar 2020

February 2020 Excel Calendar

There may be lots of pending work either job related or household chores, Holiday s are best when you can complete this task. It will be a good idea to schedule your holidays in your own way as it will help you in completing all your task at right time.


So, this was all about the month of March which is the third month of the year. I think that you may be aware of the printable calendar as if you are planning to manage your time then these printable calendars will going to help you a lot in completing all your work.

Apart from this, the best part of such calendars is you can get separate for each month every year. Well apart from this March is ahead and you have to deal with lots of situations so get ready to face new challenges and welcome the upcoming season of springs.

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